My name is CAP!.
And I am so
happy to
meet you! !

I love traveling around Europe and meeting new people, like you.

I speak many languages! One for each country I visit. And I have visited 26 countries in Europe! And I help all of them. Want to know how?

I contribute so that food is of high quality, affordable, and safe.
I contribute so that the planet has as many different animals and plants as possible.
I help fight climate change.
I make sure that farm animals are happy and well taken care of.

In order for me to fulfill my role, I ask European farmers for help. Farmers are the people who produce all the vegetables, fruit, milk, and many other foods that you eat every day.

I help improve their work and produce everything that European citizens need in order to eat healthy.

I am
in your

Here is where I will post the schools I will be visiting. Keep an eye out, as I may visit your school soon. If your school doesn't pop up here and you want to meet me personally, you can ask your teacher to talk to me. All you have to do is ask your teacher to visit this website and click on the "Contact" button.



This is my photo album. This is where I keep all my memories of when I visit schools like yours!

I had a great time on all the visits and loved meeting all the students. I hope you have as much fun as I did looking at these pictures!

School visits

EB São Julião do Tojal

EB de Campo de Besteiros + EB de Campo

EB1 António Vitorino + EB de Turquel

EB1 de São Martinho das Amoreiras + EB1 de Relíquias + Escola Básica Aviador Britos Paes

EB Visconde de Salreu

EB Nr1 do Cadaval + EB1 Vilar + EB1 Painho

Escola Comendador Angelo Azevedo

EB de Torredeita - Agrupamento de escolas de Viseu do Norte

Instituto Espanhol Giner de los Ríos + Escola Básica de Sampaio

EB Rui Martins + EB S. Julião-Tavarede + EB Abadias

EB DE Lustosa + Escola Básica de Ordem + Escola Básica de Cristelos

EB São Bruno (Caxias) + EB1 de Póvoa

EB de São Gregório

EB Matosinhos

Igreja 2 - Sandim

Escola Básica do Infantado

EB de Salir

EB1-JI de Alte e EB1-JI de Benafim

EB 2.3 Conde de Oeiras

EB Sophia Mello Breyner

EB1 de Felgueiras

EB Fernão de Magalhães -Sabrosa + CE Prado Ferreiros

EB de Murtal

EB de Sto António

EB de Boelhe

EB Rio de Moinhos



EB nr1 de Telheiras

EB do Lourel




I have a challenge for you! Do you like to collect stickers? You do? Great!

Soon, when your parents or grandparents go shopping in a supermarket, you can win CAP4ALL stickers.

Collect all the stickers, swap the ones you already have with your friends, and have fun! The goal is to complete the CAP4ALL sticker album as quickly as possible. Are you up to it? The sticker album also has some pictures that you can color in. This way it's fun to learn!

Coleciona os meus cromos


Phone: +351 21 710 0000 (CAP)


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